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Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage Door Torsion Spring Services | Garage Door Repair Las Vegas, NV

The need for stable garage doors emerged, mainly, with the increase of crime and domestic reported accidents. The introduction of automatic garage doors was the solution to the problem and while they had experienced some initial problems, those were corrected along the way. Today, garage doors are considered strong and safe for everyday use since they consist of hundreds of working components, each one contributing to the system's secure and steady performance. The springs play an extremely significant role. Because they carry the heavy weight of the door while it opens or closes.

Which Springs Should I Get?

The size and, most importantly, weight, of your garage door will determine whether you'll need extension or torsion springs. The importance of springs has led our company to create a special department, Garage Door Repair Las Vegas, which handles all of our customers' spring-related issues. We specialize in garage door torsion spring replacement and repair, but of course, we can also take care of extension springs as well.

What's The Difference?

Torsion springs are appropriate for doors which are particularly heavy.  Usually, for residential garage doors, only a single unit is required. It is wound with high tension at the top center above the door. As the opener initiates the movement of the door and the cables pull it open, the spring balances its weight and assists. Even though torsion springs are considered far less risky than the extension type, they are still under a lot of tension, and therefore still dangerous. Any adjustment must be handled by an expert because mishandling springs can lead to catastrophic accidents.

Making Sure It Lasts

Aside from carefully adjusting the tension of your torsion springs, we can also lubricate their coils to make sure their performance remains smooth and efficient. By doing this on a regular basis, we'll be able to reduce the wear and tear of your spring and help it last for as long as it possibly can.

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Remember to call our experts at Garage Door Repair Las Vegas when you need help with any type of torsion spring related task. These components are very dangerous and must be handled by professional technicians. Call us today.


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